Balvenie Craft Museum ft. Kumo Cycles

Hey Sydney,

I’m taking part in an event run by Balvenie Whisky up in Sydney in under two weeks.

Come along to check out my work (including SteEzylee’s new ride!) and some other amazing stuff.

There is also a bar night being held on the 18th, and spaces are very limited!

Shoot me a PM with why you deserve to come, funniest responses earn a ticket

Man, what a cool night.
Thanks for the invite Keith, good to see all the FOA mafia and so good to see Kumo stall getting the most attention and surrounded by the most amount of people :wink:

Sore head now, used to be pro now such a lightweight !!

Anyone take pics? does my bum look big?

Pics please!

I regretted not getting along to this as soon as my instagram feed started filling up with pics of whiskey and bikes. And not just from FOA d00dz, felt like everyone but me was there.
But I was at home dealing with a tantruming toddler, so we all win!

Great night, ezylee’s bike looked awesome but would love to see some sunshine on that paint :slight_smile:

Settle down mate

That was fucking awesome; only regret was getting outta bed this morning.
Ben left too early. He missed out on whiskey straight from the barrel.

Keith straight up killing it, and what an excellent event by balvenie.

Thanks for coming guys!

I had a blast, sorry I spent a bit too much time working, not enough time drinking and hanging with mates.
Throat is sore from all the talking!