bangable dudes in pro cycling.

pretty much exactly what the title suggests, but also with witty commentary and analysis.


phil FUCKING liggett

I can’t find Gene anywhere there. weird.

chaz, i no matter how long we go with out seeing each other i will always love you…

Gene, if they let you into university, we should probably have a chat about your prose.

james we’ve had this discussion, i’ll turn pro in 2 and half year’s so that will give me time to get uni out of the way

If you had kept the mo they might have featured you on the site before you get that elusive European contract…

i’m not sure that was the prose (pros?) james was talking about…

Oh boy, i got a whole lot more than i was expecting there.

Heh heh… Gold.

New desktop background.

Hey we were having plenty of fun making fun of Gene without my ugly mug being brought into it!

except now when anything goes on between you two, that pic will be front and centre.


chaz, that was fucking hilarious