Bar ID

Anyone know what model bars the Oval Concepts are? They have a nice mix between traditional and compact.

look like R701s


Alternatively deda do a REALLY similiar bar called the newton (shallow version) which is the same 215 (I think thats be renamed though) but in an oversive clamp dia.

3T Rotundo is similar reach and drop to the Newton Shallow as well if you can’t find that.

Rotundo has 4mm more drop and 3mm more reach.

clamp size might be a factor, ovals are 26.0, i think the dedas are as well. 3ts are 31.8?

Yeah, by the looks of things, those Oval bars are harder to get too, and I’ll need a 31.8 clamp. I’ll check out the Deda Newton’s too. The current Deda RHM bars I have are a touch too narrow and I like the shape of the Oval bars I posted.

Thanks all.

RHM is a different shape to the newton shallows. If they are too narrow go the next size up? Deda quote all their sizes outside to outside not centre to centre.
Example: If you normally ride a 40 cm c-c you’d order a ‘42cm’ deda bar.

Yeah, I like the look of the Newton’s as well, which is why I want to change. The RHM’s are fine for the time being.

Do you definitely want shallow and not anatomic Deda Newtons?
Got a brand new set of Deda Newton Anatomics.

What size RHM did you get?

Yeah, don’t want anatomic.

40cm. Didn’t realise they were measured outside-to-outside at the time, and now I have them on the bike, they’re a touch too narrow.

i might have some actual 42cm newtons id be happy to part with.

need to check if ive sold them already.

newton shallows are the shit. i’ve got 4.

Cool. Thanks.

All good, my Newtons are Deda 46cm anyway so 44cm for everyone else.

Yeah, too wide. I’ve got 40cm Nitto’s on my CX bike and like that width. Re-measured my Deda’s last night and they’re 38cm c-t-c.

newtons are the shit

everyone seems to think 3t rotundos are the same because they have a round bend but they feel totally different and i hate them

also 38cm bars are awesome, ive got a spare 36 deda bar that i am going to try out on my roadie when its bar tape time. ever since i put a 34 bar on my track bike i have discovered the joy of very narrow bars

new rule = stem must be equal to or greater than 130, bar must be equal to or less than 38

Shit. My stem is only 100mm.