Bar Tape Suppliers

I’ve searched through previous posts and couldn’t really find an answer,

Anyone know a place with a wide range of bar tape colours (specifically red) in melb?
And what are the better brands?

No doubt Total Rush will have some red Specialized tape.

So you posted this 20 minutes after posting the same thing in the Wanted forum.


They do.

Any idea price-wise?

Abbotsford Cycles have some.

Parker has wide range of tapes at low prices:

And the GBP exchange rate is pretty good right now, $2.06 to £1.

I’m a big fan of Fizik tape. Specialized tape that I’ve seen and used doesn’t have a sticky underside. Crap.

I am sure that you can easily find red bar tape in most bike shop.

There’s a cool invention called telephones. Give it a try.

03 9421 0070

Someone came into the shop today and asked,"‘ave ya got any red bar tape?’

I says “yeah mate, just next to the black stuff”


Cinelli, Fizik even Velo… found in most bike stores.

I’m not really a fan of using tape with the ‘gummy’ underside so that you can ‘retape’.

sticky adhesive ftw, wrap em tight from barend up towards stem.

Great advice. Do this.