Bar tape to suit splatter paint? Need colour matching help

Replacing brake cables soon and so trying to decide on wha tape to chuck on. I’m a bit simple when it comes to colour matching (being colourblind an all).

Paint is below, with white synthetic leather tape currently (not too bad i guess at the moment) The white is a bit out of place though

Note: I hate dirty bar tape, and want something thick I can grip on to

Do I go with straight white leather DEDA (read good reviews on it but not a fan of the holes all through it)

Or a Blue leather tape (fake DEDA or real Brooks $$$ are the options)

or go really douchey…?

I think the blue leather could be a nice contrast considering there isn’t much white, but hard to find. Or just black leather to match the wheels

any opinions appreciated

You hate dirty looking tape and are considering white? Foolish.

Just get black if you want it to look clean.

saddle and tape matchiematchies for street cred. black is just the best. blue would look sweet but then youd need to spend $300 on brooks gear

top down fail

That is why leather is the only option. Easier to clean! As I mentioned, the white isn’t going to entirely suit the bike

I think blue leather / synth leather would stay reasonably clean wouldn’t it?

Couldn’t find any info on what tape that is other than images from London Fixed Gear, any idea what it is/made of?

$60 for the brooks tape. Not cheap. But would last well.

Or go for consumable Deda tape

Specialized does nice faux leather in blue, but honestly I only use white or black on bikes so I’m kind of boring
I’d try wrapping the bars in blue electrical tape then white bar tape so the holes are blue dots, or specialized’s blue tape has white holes.

White on white stealth harlequin.

Like this, but white…

Thats a good idea. Might try that if I resort to tape with holes. but opposite with the colours

P!N20, I like the idea of cloth tape. I want something quite thick I can grip onto. I could potentially wrap cork underneath and get that. I think the white cloth tape wouldn’t hold up well to the dirt though ?


I think some dudes put cork tape under their cloth tape…seems a bit like they’re missing the point to me.

The LFGSS dudes love a bit of top down!

Paint the bars to match the frame then use transparent bartape. You get an initial dick around painting the bars but then it’s simple, quick and cheap to maintain the look

i did black/black harlequinn on my Rossin and now theyre on the Gazelle, its rad but fuck it was a pain, and i got plenty of gaps on the bends, cotton tape is unforgiving, would be keen to try with cork or leather, just get something cheap, i doubt this willl end up being your dream bike, no sense in over capitalising?

That’s a sweet idea. It would look great.

As Scott suggested, perhaps I am over thinking it. I do tend to change my mind alot. But perhaps I’ll just go with a black or blue synth leather and ride it until I am sick of it.

They’re idiots.

Who makes the ‘really douchey’ tape?


$5 a pack on ebay

Gosh they make some HORRENDOUS tapes! I am going to buy a few.

Bro plz post the rest of the frame, would really like to see the full picture!

And I actually don’t mind the blue fade to white?