Bare metal or Paint the frame

As the title said I Striped all the paint off my frame, suprisingly it looks quite “rawww”…dunno if i should repaint it or just leave it as bare metal + clean coat (to prevent rust).

Question is: Leave it bare metal or Paint it lightish sky blue??


PS: sorry for crappy quality images, and I need to do alot of clean up before clear coat.


just to be contrary.
but only if you can do a good job.
crappy paint job looks better than crappy polish, but not by much.
if you are getting the frame professionally done, then get a good paint job.
if you have the time, and the energy, and the equipment, then polish it.
have a look here for some examples of what good polishing can look like
darrell won’t chrome stuff cause it affects the welding of the lugs, so all the shiney stuff is polished…

so, if you can do a good job, do it.


yeah that would be hot!!

Bottom half red, top half white - then put a Polish coat of arms on the head tube!! yeah.

Isn’t most of darrells polished stuff stainless?

Lugs aren’t welded, lots of rear triangles and frames were traditionally chromed, that said I thing the determining factor may be whether the brazing is silver or brass.

at the end I primer it and gonna paint it otmorrow…hopfully turn out great.

Paint thumbs up

Used some filler primer that some car manufracturer use…damn its smooth.

From memory, chroming is bad for high strength steels due to hydrogen embrittlement. The plating process increases the H2 content from evolution at the surface due to electrolysis. It can be removed by baking at ~200?C for a period of time within 24hrs of plating. The plating process takes place under 100?C. It’s also very enviro-unfriendly if you’re using hexavalent chrome.

The brazing filler melts at around 400-450?C for silver-brass, so it won’t melt when plating or baking.

The lugs he uses are investment cast (make a wax model, dip it in refractory, bake and harden, melt out wax, then cast metal. Break off refractory and you’re done.)

As the lugs are stainless steel, they can be (slowly and painstakingly) ground and polished to a mirror shine that will stay that way (passivated by close packed oxide film).