Bargain 48cm Dawes Touring Bike - buts its in Sth Africa???

Dawes Touring Bicycle | eBay

Bargain as it includes Tubus racks and Ortliebs but it seems the Bike is in Nelspruit, South Africa but is listed as being in QLD?

I’m always suss on the old my bike is elsewhere scam.

pay pal will always sort you out if it does fall through

Seems a weird bike and pricing if it is a scam…

I want this, but south africa is ages away.

Seems legit.

Bit small for your buckled legs harry.

Buy it and do the switcheroo with one of these frame sets… or just buy the compete, try and break it and get the new model, which I’m sure will be disc.
All-City Cycles Space Horse!!!
Or switcheroo this
Reynolds 531 Cyclocross Frame + Fork | eBay