Brunswick St Cycles selling this…

$599.00 is pretty damn cheap!
Sure the wheelset is crap. cup and cone bearing hubs, but you get a genuine Reynolds steel frame, FSA cranks, even a bottom of the line Selle Italia for gods sake…
Paint job is good too…

Any recommendations for a decent whelset to replace said crap ones?

yeh my brother just got one today. you can’t beat it for the price.

i was in there on monday and they guy looked it up and said they havent had them in for ages??

when did u see them?

BSC- Elizabeth St

If you’re lying Horatio, skinny little weak hipsters will hunt you down and beat you with their ‘emo’ girly jeans and toptube pads.

Speaking of which:
<a href=“PDC, Polyhetron, and Portland Massacre teaser. on Vimeo”>Here</a>

Is it me, or does watching a bunch of uni students doing skids to a soundtrack of blip-hop bore you?

its not just you… very boring i agree!

Their stuntzzz might be weak, but their names are pretty hardcore.


Maybe it’s a reference to what happens when your brakeless fixie and skinny little girl legs encounter a sudden oncoming truck