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Is there nothing they don’t sell?



Are you sure?

Hello ladies.

ALDI team ride!!!

Some knob brought a bike into the shop. He got from Aldi for $29.99 and wanted the rear brake fixed.
I said sorry sir, it doesn’t seem to have one. :-o
Lever with cable that just stopped.

Do you think they’ll be stocking these in Aldi anytime soon then?

what is that (i know its a USB cable)

That’s a wireless network adapter with no innards. Kind of like a car with no engine.

I would buy those shoes and spraypaint them black. Sorry, LBS, not made of money here.

Also I reckon those winter jackets look OK. See above re: cost.

yep, im so there. need shoes for the work commute and possibly a winter jacket. i like the black spray paint idea.

see also the russian iphone scam

but this is still the winrar I reckon:

anyone ever had an unexpected outcome on an online sale?

I bid ~$600 on a Llewellyn and won it. That was unexpected.

ah I remember that one, I think I bid up to $500 or something “sigh”
But it’s gone to a good home… :mrgreen:

A few months ago I bought one of those top of line Kryptonite New York chain locks from ProBikeKit. I get the package a week later and I think ‘gee, that’s a bit light?’
Open it up and they had sent me the bottom of the range Kryptonite cable locks worth like $20.00… haha
Of course I negotiated the right one in the end, but that’s the risk you take buying things on the other side of the world!
A word of warning to anybody using PBK- they FREQUENTLY screw up your order, so be prepared. Snowflake- you have some experience here eh? :slight_smile:
But they are so cheap you just keep coming back…

Yeah they’re fucking hopeless at packing the right gear in the right parcels. Although, except for one incident, they seem to be pretty good at fixing the mistakes. It just means you wait longer to get what you originally ordered.

It’s time to own up.

Anyone bought any of this crap yet?

I sent them an email saying they missed some items from an order once… 2 for the price of 1. :evil:

I’m planning to go Aldi’ing this weekend… I’ll keep you posted! :evil:
The cycling gloves might be okay?

yep, went down there today and got the shoes and a $20 jersey!

here’s the best bit: the shoes come with screw-in studs to convert them to football boots! i shit you not!

cycling/football boot collabo ftw!!!11!1!!!1

haha george eat your heart out!!