Bargain Paconi tourer... With a catch.

Just needs a canti stud brazed on.

Was just about to post this.

BYO fork and you have a nice ghettocross bike.

someone jumped in before me, which was a good thing.

I did, $45 was too cheap to pass on.

damn, erle if you want to flick it ever look at me

was definitely very tempted at that rate (my size too), but no need. enjoy!

I was so tempted, but I have no money for another project.

Just noticed Dubrat sent me this via viber, great mate Pitty I never check viber

tempted to put a 1" threadless CX fork in it?

Or fix the OG one if I can.

Sounds plausible.

I thought you were married.

Erle always gets the best bargains