Barry, the repco olympic beater.

total cost so far…$67. total final cost ~$90. brakes are on their way, would have made this a fixed/free, but cbf spending money a new rear wheel, when i need to pay for the new roadie.

Nice parsimonius build.

Does it roll well ?

that was the aim for this one, after my last attempt ended up costing me $600+.

I honestly don’t know, brakes havent arrived, and i broke my chain breaker, so i can’t take it for a spin yet. ive got exams now anyway, so will probably wait until theyre over before do anything with it.


total cost ~$60.
only rode a couple of kms after installing the chain at work, and it rode nicely. only problem that i can see with it is the completely unround chainring/bolt circle positioning. but meh.

nice bike