Bars for climbing hills.

Kinda random question, but looking at doing a ride next weekend that is pretty much all up hill. Don’t really want to do it on risers (I did that on Tuesday night and it sucked), and was thinking the Nitto RB021 bullhorns I have laying around would be better for climbing hills? More hand positions, can lean forward etc…? I’ve also got track drops…


If I were choosing between track drops and bullhorns I’d go the bullhorns. But I generally prefer road drops for pretty much all riding.

Go a standard road bar- they are designed specifically for what you’re planning to do…

+1 for road drops. Wider over narrower for climbing (opens up chest for better breathing)

I’ve got 42cm 3ttt track drops and 39cm Nitto Bullhorns. I’m not getting new bars for one morning ride, but I reckon I’ll stick with the bullhorns.

Road drops and brifters even if there is no cable running out of them. 3+ positions get on the hoods.

Did i mention I’ll be riding fixed, with only a front brake near the stem?

Bullhorns would be similar to getting on the hoods but I suppose the drops give more options

drops are the go.
doesn’t matter where the brake lever is on climbs

Listen to this man.

Your SS climbing of Donna Buang still astounds me.

Oh yeah, I didn’t mean to say I’m awesome for doing this fixed, but I thought I should point out that I’ll have no brake hoods, nor purchasing any.

If it was a choice between the track bars or the bullhorns, I’d go the bullhorns … but the ones you have are really narrow at 39cm. Personally, I would struggle uphill with bars that narrow … especially when riding out of the saddle. You might be different though.

The bullhorns you have would be your best option of the two - the hand position will help you get up the hill.

or cut the bullhorns and weld them to the track drops so you have ‘hoods’ :stuck_out_tongue:

I did a reasonably steep (and all uphill ride) ride on skinny risers the other day.

I reckon the bullhorns are wider, so I’ll give them a shot.

I’ll let you know how I go.

it might just be a paralax error, but yr stem looks crooked…


+1 for bullhornzz

It’s the angle of the photo. Plus it’s a 58º angled stem, which why it looks crooked.

I think.

Longer riser bars?

I rate hoods or on the drops… wouldn’t bother with risers i reckon they encourage to much lateral movement

+1 for road drops. I’m specifically building a road frame conversion with old campy brake levers so that I can do (longer) rides like this in comfort.