Base Urban or similar

Merry Christmas!

I’m looking for a new commuter and have been looking at the baseurban RD2 (Base Urban). I have no experience with internal hubs or belt drive but like the look of the internal gear hub.

Does anyone have an opinion on them or can recommend a better bike for around the $1600 mark?

I also looked at a Cannondale bad boy but the geometry looks better for mountain biking.


They look like crap to me, I wouldn’t trust that whack spoke lacing pattern with disc brakes.

Plus it looks like someone has backed over the frame with a small car.

Depends what you think is better. But there’s a couple of Pompetamine options for that sort of budget. For a bit more you can get one with the 11 speed hub.

On-One Pompetamine Versa £799.00

On-One Pompetamine Alfine £749.00

the geometry on the base urban is pretty mental. 75 degree head tube angle (on the medium to x-large sizes) gives a trail of about 44mm with 32mm tyres on it, that’s going to be really twitchy! the x-small and small might be ok though if that’s your size. they’re 72.5 head angle which gives a nice stable 58mm trail.

Thanks for the links snowflake, Ill check them out.

Likewise thanks for the info mik, Ill take one for a ride and see what they are like.

By better, I just meant better components, maybe hydrolic disc brakes etc. If this style of bike isnt going to be good for long rides then I maybe better just getting a racing style road bike and putting some flat bars on it…

I don’t think hydraulic road shifters have hit the market yet, so you’re stuck with mechanicals unless you convert to a flat bar, or wait for them to come out. if you’re doing long rides (commuting or otherwise) you want the most comfortable geometry possible, not some twitchy race machine :slight_smile:

voume generator? Generator | Volume Bikes – 700/26

personally i’d go with an 80’s road bike, honjo fenders, paul/velo orange centrepull brakes, pope bars and some nice brake levers, maybe some of those indexed mountain bike friction shifters which have a cult following.

That volume generator looks pretty perfect, only one Australian distributor though. Wonder if my local bike shop could get one in.