Bastard Wind

Perth weather - local weather forecast

Great fun…

Buy a new house in the correct direction ha ha!!!

Perfect weather for riding last week, still as… Except it was 8million degrees!!

Hello massive thighs…

Got a great tail wind in this morning but when that happens I have to repay the wind debt in the arvo.

My endearing memory of Perth was riding home 30 kms off Garden Island every day into that headwind over summer. Holy crap it use to take away your will to live some days.

Where I live I get howling northerlies in my face on the way in and what we euphemistically call “afternoon sea breezes” from the south on the way home (since when is a 30 knot blow a “breeze”??).

Here is Melbourne this morning (arrows show wind direction, from the top is northerly):

and here is Perth

The wind is my hills. The wind is my friend. The wind makes me strong.

Hi CC,
Where do you get your wind graphs from? I like data and when I ride to/from work into hellish winds it would be good to see something like that to see if I am being a pussy or if it really was windy.

^ Look closely, particularly in the bottom right hand corner of the graph.

Seabreeze moved servers last year, the url on the pix probably won’t work. You’ll find them at click the link to “graphs”