Bates Diadrant fork id.

Earlier this year i went to an aladins cave of track gear.
In there i saw a poorly painted early track frame.
The frame had a s shape fork but i had no way of id’ing it so i let it go and grabbed some other gear.
I just saw an article on early bates frames with what they call a diadrant fork.
My question is did any body else make this style of fork or is it most likely a bate.
here is a similar frame.
Bishop built Bates Cantiflex/ Diadrant Fork/crown build - a set on Flickr

Pretty much going to be a Bates. One of the English Bates: Horace, not E.G or the Aussie one.

The frame would most likely be cantiflex tubing too, so it is pretty easy to distinguish. Cantiflex tubing is oversize in the middle and regular size at the ends - fust like that hideous Bishop. Sure the frame is fine (of the Bishop) but the rest of it sux arse.

Other possibilities:
This mentions Dayton used a similar design.

This mentions that Ray Etherton bought the rights to the design.

Might give him a call and see if i can get it shipped down.