Battaglin Giro with Shimano gears and Campagnolo wheels

someone should inquire about this…Looks like a nice bike with a good paint job. Could make a great fixie or restoration.

Battaglin Giro with Shimano gears and Campagnolo wheels\

I know its not ebay but its close to it

Converting that would be a disgrace. Someone buy it and give it some TLC. I kinda like that colour.

if it only it wasnt made for giraffes =(



details on what i missed out on please…

how much? and did anyone on here buy it?

gahh too small for meeee. still for sale!

I just spoke to the seller. The frame is 56cm ctc top tube, and 59 cm seat tube. The seller is looking for $400 (She was happy for me to add that comment on this site)

I keep thinking there’s a Legnano hiding under there …

How many Legnanos didn’t have the seat clamp under the TT?

all the later (not very collectable) ones … and the city bikes