battered and bloody...

Saw a horrible sight tonight on Lygon St.: Some poor guy covered in blood being attended to by medics- looked like an incident involving a fixie and a tram perhaps. At first I thought it was Horatio cos the bike looked like Imbececil, but whoever it was… hope you are ok and recover fast.

Take it easy everyone - be safe, considerate and careful.

That sounds awful, I hope the person is ok.

City riding is pretty treacherous, looking out for anything that moves…

speedy recovery mystery fixer.

Taxi drivers should taken off the road…
Damn tram vs fixed gear…hope the man is alright…and get well soon.

Hi there…
I think that battered and bloody person was me…
ended up with a few scratches and a black eye; and a whole w/end of trying to track down my bike and bags… bike at brunswick police station, bags at hospital (even though they swore they didn’t have them when they released me in a pair of shorts and borrowed shirt at 5 in the morning.)
Would love to know what happened, as far as i know i was just riding along and woke up in hospital with restraints on and my favourite hoody cut up the middle. But i still have my health.
thanks for the well wishes.

Hey Lane good to hear you’re ok and not too banged up. Which hospital were you taken to?
FYI the scissors they would’ve used to tackle your hoody can cut through kevlar, tough.

Heal fast champ :slight_smile:

Shit dude, glad to hear you made it out ok!