Battery pack multi-buy?

This is mainly for the bikepackers but I guess anyone may be interested.
Pushys has Go Puck rechargable battery packs heavily discounted.

6600mAH is only $41.99 and and 4400mAH models are $32.99
Is anyone interested in getting one or anything else from Pushys so I can get free postage?
Let me know today and I’ll order around lunch time

What for? Paper maps, pencil and paper, compass. None need batteries.

Ever tried Tinder with post-it notes?

Phone calls are faster than mail.

How do you think I met my wife?

Lightning Review: Xiaomi’s Portable Battery Is Ridiculously Powerful | Gizmodo Australia

more juice, less money.

Passing notes in high school, last year

This - I paid around $30 for mine, shipped from Brisbane. I’ve used it to run a bluetooth speaker while camping. Played music for 3 days on and off and had about a third of the battery left after. Highly recommend.

EDIT - Here you go -

Have we got a weight for this?


The Go Puck is only 100 and something grams. Not sure about Blakey/Luke’s one. Looks the goods though.
Thanks Blakey

ebay lists them as 450g says 250g.

Acceptable, if 450g that would be a bit of a fail

Stats from Gizmodo says its 250g

Battery type: import Lithium-ion battery
Input Voltage: DC 5V
Output voltage: DC 5.1V
Input current: 2.0A (TYP)
Output current: 2.1A (TYP)
Rated Capacity: 3.6V/10400mAh (TYP)
Charging time: about 5.5 hours @5V/2A charger, standard cable
Item Size: 90.57721.6mm
Load test: automatic test load insert and pull out
Safety protection :this product support input voltage protection, input the counter-attack protection, output over-current protection and output over-voltage protection, output short circuit protection, battery charge discharge protection, batteries PTC protection, charging/discharging temperature protection
Protection and restoration: can be restored use charger for action
Charging Temperature: 0°C-45°C (TYP)
Discharge temperature:
start output temperature:-10°C~+50°C(TYP)
continuous output temperature:-20°C~+60°C (TYP)
Weight: 250g

If anyone was still on the lookout - the XIAOMI battery packs are $25.95 delivered. Well worth it -

Genuine XIAOMI Portable MI Power Bank Li-ion USB Battery Charger [BY00151] - $25.95 : Mushtato, Online Gadgets Specialist, Quality Electronics at Lowest Price

I haven’t bothered yet (sorry Sean), but the same is on eBay for under $18 delivered Xiaomi 10400mAh External Battery USB Power Bank Pack Charger FOR Mobile Phone AU | eBay

Apparently there are copies/counterfeits out there though.

Different quality cells etc.

There’s guides on the differences in the casing/LEDs

Suspected that might be the case. Cheers