Bauer Max Track build

The Bauer (pretty sure it is!) is up and running now and I love it. New Zealand made in a small town in the south island. Made before all the generic road and mountain bikes they make in China now.

Bit of pasta and rice going on here with a mixture of parts but oh well, it is nice to finally ride it.

Frame / Fork: 53cm Bauer track frame, Columbus Max tubing.
Headset: Stronglight
Stem / Bars: 90mm Alloy Jag / Alloy B123s / Toshi Tape
Post / Saddle: Dura Ace Easton / Selle Italia Ti Flite
BB / Cranks / Chainring: Syugino 75 superlap / Sugino 75 165mm / Sugino Mighty 49t
Front Wheel: Campagnolo Shamal Clincher / Vittoria 20c
Rear Wheel: Campagnolo Shamal Clincher / Campagnolo Record LF hub /Noname 17t Campagnolo Lockring / Continental Ultra Sport 23c
Pedals / Straps / Cage: MKS Sylvan / Toshi Doubles / MKS Cages L
Chain: HKK Blue

Still wanting to run full dura ace on it but that may be a wee while off yet. I also wanted to get it painted and redo the original decals but I kind of like the paint how it is…

Paints awesome, build is awesome, and don’t worry about “rice and pasta” it looks freakin’ hawt.

I’m about to build an italian frame and i’ll be putting missmatched parts on it, performance and ease of obtaining parts is king IMO

nice build mang. really need to get over to nz and ride with you fools.

nice bike, i nottice the conti is starting to square off a bit, so im assuming this is your street rig? if so how do the campy wheels hold up? not talking gutter dropping but general potholes and maybe some heavy skidding?

saaweeet =D

+1 on the paint. 80s/90s fluro is the shit

Cheers! I was looking at getting it painted pearl white but I am unsure now. Still a bit of the old silver paint I need to scrape off that you can see in the photos.

I have been running the rear Shamal for a few months or so but I have been riding it carefully (most of the time). I still pop on and off a few curbs but I do it fairly carefully. I still skid it normally but just not huge whip skids. So yeah it has held up very well, 1 cross both sides.

Dope looking ride.

I would leave the paint job.

This is sweet! So many freaking rad MAX builds popping up. I also agree on the paint. I reckon it looks good as is. Nice ride man!

Oh the bitter pain of memories. I had a purple/maroon Bauer Max track frame about 4 years ago. It’s been cut to pieces and some parts/lugs are floating around Shifter Bikes. A big thanks to Bonnie Prince Billy’s Melbourne based uncle who sculpts balloons for running his piece of crap car into me.

Nice I think a lil nz ski/ ride trip should happen next winter.


shamals are fine on the street. I dont know why everyone always says they wouldnt do it. Ive been running a front on and off for ages, its banged up and still runs as true as any other wheel i own. I ride it everyday. plus is only got 12 spokes.

I also have a rear that sometimes makes an appearance (tub and i have skidded through the tyre so out of action atm). that has a little dent in it and is a bit rough but like the front is very true.

hell yes

Yeah! Let me know. Friends have a place in Whakapapa where we can stay and I have mates in Wanaka and Methvan that we could stay at (and freebie lift passes!). So every good mountain in NZ is covered!

Do you have any photos of your old Bauer Reuben?

^ so keen, it’ll be hard to decide to board or ride though, one of the better dilemmas you could hope to be presented with though.

wicked build!
looks great!!

STOP taking all the good frames in NZ… save some for us!!!

It’s looking good, too bad I didn’t get the time to take it for a ride tonight! Let me try it next time!
You should give ppl here a preview on your new pick up! :stuck_out_tongue:
Now, I need to find a new project for myself as well…

Haha. We are equal now with 2 Max frames. But I think you are still winning over all. 10pitch.

Already ahead of you, it’s in another thread. I’ll put the cranks and bb on tomorrow. Stuff going into uni!
I’ll find you something when I visit Don next week…

Ah, gotcha! Just saw the other thread! Thanks for those parts. I guess I should post the frame I got it off you as well!

Pearl white on the beckenham, keep the paint on this BAUER!

i guess because there’s a limited supply out there. and bashing around with them on the street could be seen as something of a waste when a deep v would do the same job.

Dayumm, I still call shotgun on this if you let her go