Bauer Max Track build

not as much as leaving them in the garage. I wouldnt take out my original track tubulars out on the street but converted like above or just a road front is a different story. the only way to preserve them is not to use them at all as they get pretty screwed with brake use anyway.

I do often hear people saying that theyre not tough enough for the street with the low spoke count and that they would need regular truing - this is not true in my opinion/experience.

^ The front fork from your Bauer is still going strong on the front end of my Colossi max! Its well travelled.

yeah, agreed. when i first got mine one of the spokes was a bit loose and they were still running true. when i asked shifter if i should worry about it he looked at me and said, “they’re shamals. it’ll be fine.”

Looks amazing.

Leave the paint, the fluoro is awesome.

I’ve seen jerks halfway wanking off to bikes not even half as attractive as this.