Bauer track back to life

fameset: bauer columbus max
crankset: dura ace 7710 170mm
chainring: dura ace 7710 titanium finish 48t
cog: victoire 17t
bottom bracket: dura ace 7710
chain: izumi super v
headset: campagnolo record
handbar/stem: adjustable stem/ bullhorn
seatpost: thomson masterpiece
saddle: 1986 turbo
pedal/case/strap: mks/soma/leather double strap
wheelset: ambosio x dura ace 7600

That adjustable stem is the business! Your saddle needs to go back a bit, apart from that, awesome. Always refreshing to see Kiwis on non-pursuit frames.

Can nobody insert images anymore?


for the images, i type by myself

when you attach an image just choose from URL paste in the URL and un tick the check box that says “Retrieve remote file and reference locally”

photo bucket alows you to copy links to your pics with [img] tags so you just paste the text into your post other photo sites may allow similar things

edit: the bike’s OK, I guess :stuck_out_tongue:

Whoa this is crazy good! Need more detailed shots. You get it repainted?


nice one man

thx! will do some photos when i got the drop bar for it. that will look more classic.
yes. very well repaint job

Reminds me of andys old hillman track, sweet bike. Shame it’s not my size haha

strap, bar tape, drop bar all on. i think this is it:)

fixed the stem bolts today, and install with drops, so far, all done!