baum mtb

shit, you don’t see these very often:

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I like this a lot,

Fun fact: I’m building a frame with those dropouts tomorrow :smiley:

Reason for selling: Not getting used

How do you go on a waiting list for a bespoke frame which probably cost more than twice the current asking price and then sell it because you don’t really use it? Wouldn’t a six-month wait and $5000 tell you you’d better be serious about it? Either way, want.

and then sell it for $1999. talk about crushing.

still, if i had 2 grand lying around, i wouldn’t have told you guys about this bike.

Yeah a bit strange. Probably not the original owner I reckon. Maybe they stole it

$5k for a custom frame, Ti or otherwise is criminal. Not sure how Baum does it.

That’s just a guess. A friend’s dad just ordered a Baum Corretto road frame and that set him back over $7k. Makes me woozy just thinking about it. But hey, smoke 'em if you got 'em.

yeah, i get the impression that at Baum, 5k is your entry level.

Shit, that’s crazy expensive. Includes carbon fork I hope!

what does that make a carbon frame that is sold for a similar price and isnt hand-made locally with hours of expert fitting and discussion?

from what ive seen it doesnt look like the guys at baum are millionaires so they cant be making a tonne of loot on the deal. from what ive heard there is a lot of consultation and considered skilled work involved in each frame. divide the price into hours spent on the final product (minus materials) and lets see what the hourly wage is and then i think you have a better metric.

I could kiss you right now !!!

I phoned Baum and asked about pricing,
I think they started at $4000 with a edge/enve fork.
I couldn’t afford it,
but it was the same price as s-works venge that would take about 1/10 of the time to make.
So still good value.

I saw a guy riding a Ti Baum the other week in the city and I commented on how nice it was, he looked down his nose was a rude prick and rode off…

I worked on a little steel number at work last week and it didn’t blow my skirt up at all…

But I saw a blokes black and grey model running super record at Shifter a couple of months ago and I was all gaga over it.
When done right these bikes are nothing short of beautiful, just like that 29er.

Yeah if i had the dough i would have spent it.
Hard to choose baum or Llewellyn though.

Steel or Ti?
I’ve been to afraid to call them but if this is Ti then that’s not so bad.

That was Ti.
I also like the firefly and moots stuff from the US.

I have had the factory tour and it takes a full team of skilled people to make your frame. On the ti frames every tube is butted to suit the individual riders weight and style and the paint shop work is beyond meticulous. Sure they are making money but they all come from professional mechanical and engineering areas and I am sure they would be making more money doing that than frame building. If you have the money why not, they have a bit more life and dare I say soul than say a dogma.

Framebuilding ain’t easy and working with titanium is a huge pain in the arse. Not to mention that fact that you should have a complete set of tools for working with steel, then another set for working with titanium so there is no contamination.
I think baums prices are totally reasonable

More power to 'em, it’s all about what people are willing to pay. They have a good reputation in Australia, and very little local competition. Looking elsewhere, maybe perusing the NAHMBS exhibitioner list would give up some of the best names in the business at a fraction of the cost. And they too would be willing to spend hours and hours talking about frame materials, riding style, and other factors before the build. But I digress, more power to Baum, it’s only opinion that a entry price at $4k is insane. I do have a fully custom steel bike, I spent weeks planning with the builders, they delivered something above and beyond my expectations, these kind of builders are everywhere, many do it as a second job, not their primary source of income.

What’s going on, everyone is shorting on baums…

Titanium MTB Frame built by Baum in Geelong | Sport & Fitness | Gumtree Keilor