baum titanium frames

a friend is looking around for a titanium frame, mentioned this said i would ask here.good bad ugly

Baum Cycles | Bikes

Baum are very reputable and make some seriously porn frames.
Great to support Aussie built too

Nice guys very nice bikes. If I had the cash it would be my first point of call for a ti frame. They externally butt the ti tubes in house to get the ride the bike owner wants out of the bike.

this being said, if your friend can afford a baum, but doesn’t know if they’re any good or not, i’d suggest they’d be better off buying an off-the-shelf roadie.

bit harsh mr b,my friend is an engineneer (who has restored motorbikes most of his adult life) who about 3 years ago started riding for recovery after operation as suggestion from doctors, he now does about about 250km a week and i have seen him go from an off-the-shelf flatbar to a carbon/ultegra as his interest/skill has grown and now as a man with a bit of playmoney who owns his own buiseness wants something a bit different, maybe a made him sound a bit pedestrian w/ cash for ‘something nice to ride for a coffee’ but not so. thanks.

“Good or not” isn’t really the question. Will a Baum make your friend “happier, healthier and more successful”?

The magic of a custom frame is something very potent indeed:
Bike Snob NYC: Stuck In Customs: Bespoke Rationale

Yes, it will.

yeah, you did. it sounds like that wasn’t the case, and i apologise. your friend will certainly appreciate a baum.

there is, however, an apparent six month wait. get in soon.

i would be over the freakin moon

^^ this.

If your friend has the $$, why the hell not?? Better than seeing another soul on a Specialized Roubaix… :slight_smile:

Is the OP asking whether Baum are any good? The answer is YES!

Totally go custom and in Ti your getting a bike for life.
There is a fair amount of cynicism round here from people who often can bearly afford to buy new socks let alone spendy new frame.

Baum make super nice bikes and if your friend gets fitted up properly he’ll love it
I have a friend with a moots SL an it’s a weapon!!

there’s also a fair bit of bullshit around here from people who barely ride their fancy expensive bikes. money doesn’t make you an expert.

What the fuck man, those socks were really expensive! They were custom made!

Harsh Brendan. I don’t really understand what the issue is here- if the OP’s friend wants a nice bike, what’s wrong with a Baum? The idea that you need to ‘earn’ or be ‘good enough’ for certain makes of bike is BS in my opinion.

I think Brendan was taking issue with Sugarkane, H, rather than the OP. If one can afford such a bike, I think we all agree you should knock yourself out. But belittling people because they can’t afford such a ride, well, that’s just rude.

That’s a very true statement…
Unfortunately I’m not one of those people I think 200-250km a week without riding weekends is a good effort
In fact I broke a spoke on my front wheel this morning which does not happen if your bike spends all it’s life been an orderment…

our mate SK is implying that only those who have the money to buy a “spendy new frame” are entitled to be cynical. i’m responding to that.

Where as belittling people cause they choose to is totally fine…

I have never given any one shit for what they ride! EVER!!
So pease dont put words into my mouth.