BB- cartidge vs cup and cone?

Just wondering what % of you use a cartridge type versus the older style.
Why you choose one over the other.

Cartridge every time, cos easier.

I’ve used both, I was using a DA NJS cup and cone bb which I had dialed in real nice and it spun forever.

now I’m using a DA NJS sealed bb and it’s infinitely nicer. It doesn’t free-spin as long. But so much smoother.

Same goes for all the VP and shimano sealed bbq’s I used before that.

Cartridge every time. Sadly only two of my bikes are cartridge.

I only put a cone and cup on my McBain because of the strict period correct theme I was running with, otherwise cartridge every time - better water/grime resistance, last longer, etc.

Some of the better cartridges also allow adjustment of either cups for a perfect chainline.
Bike I hang on the wall have old style cup and ball, anything I ride has a cartridge in.

I go with above only use cup and ball for precise period authenticity, but if I was going on a long ride even on the period bike, would consider a cartridge.

Sealed BB- for longevity. It’s all about the seals.