BB help

Hey guys, pretty new to the fixed game and getting a bit confused with all the different parts, brands, etc.

just picked up an All-City crankset, wondering what BB will match?

thanks for any help!

hey mate, Im guessing you have purchased these cranks?

All-City | Components

On the side there it recommends what size etc, Write them down: 110mm and Jis Square taper and take it into your local bike store and they should have one.

Wow, thanks man! Really feel dumb that it was there on the site all along…


haha nah its all good, That’s what this forum is for.

Win !
Thread of the week :slight_smile:

so…this is what the internet could be like?

I’ve got a brand spanking Tange 110 JIS taper bottom bracket for sale if you’re interested.

Nah, needs more pornography.