BB Spindle/Axle length.

So I am possibly getting a Surly Cross Check and I will be running it SS with a white industries crankset. The BB shell is 68mm, what length axle/spindle do I need?

Cheers, and sorry if this doesn’t make sense, I don’t know what the f#$% I’m talking about when it comes to bikes.

Depends on what your wheel’s chainline is.

WI Eno hubs are wider than standard track hubs for example.

Likely to be in the 113-118mm range.

What I’d do:

  1. Determine your chainline for your hub/freewheel setup
  2. Fit a 115mm UN54 BB and measure your chainring chainline
  3. If it doesn’t match, do the math and swap it out for the right size.
  4. Ride!

You can always cheat and run the chainring on the inside of the cranks instead of the outside, like I’ve been known to do if it doesn’t quite work out.

Cheers, problem is that I won’t have any of this stuff until I get to NYC and half of it (BB and Cranks) I’m ordering online.

Not with WI ENO cranks, they have a splined chainring, so the only adjustment is via the spindle, which affects Q-Factor at the same time.

Ok then;

  1. Pick a hub and look up the chainline for it
  2. Interrogate people on the internet with Eno cranks for their spindle length and the resulting chainline
  3. Calculate the most suitable spindle length for your setup
  4. Deal with slight chainline misalignment and ride your bike!

PS I did some googling for you:
113mm symmetrical JIS BB = 47.5mm chainline (to suit WI hubs)

So a 103mm symmetrical JIS BB will give you a 42.5mm chainline
[li], close enough for most “track” hubs.[/li]
[*] - Surly’s have pretty manipulated chainstays for ring & tyre clearance, but you’d want to run a tape over someone’s Cross Check (like mine) and do the math as per the above PDF to ensure that you can fit the chainring you want without it interfering with your chainstays.

I’m always down with slight chainline misalignment, wouldn’t have it any other way! Also Blakey, what’s the good oil on New York?

See above for post edit on chainlines & BBs.

Good oil: Drink bodega black coffee, because 9th St, Grumpys, Stumptown, Milk Bar etc aren’t that flash. Affinity, Continuum, Bike Works, NYC Velo were cool shops. Strictly Roots was good eating up in Harlem, fat tyres will help you on the shitty streets, have security skewers on your wheels and lock up properly. Lots of other stuff, but you’d have to call around and ask me.

Sounds like a date Blakey. You’re a legend.

goddamn, White Industries’ website makes them look like a bunch of halfwits. did they get the work experience kid to design it in 1999?
comic sans FFS???

Busy building shit much?! If I worked in the bike industry I would HATE updating the stupid website.

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