BB width

So i purchased some campy strada cranks off kiwicyclist, but the tange BB i currently have installed in too narrow, resulting in the inner tabs of the crank colliding with the chainstay.

I’m assuming i need a wider BB, but what size should i be getting?
does it have to be a certain brand, or can i just get a shimano cartridge BB from the LBS?

the other option was grind off the inner tabs, opinions?

Cheers, Oscar.

Please don’t.

What width is your current BB spindle? Does that provide a straight chainline? Are we talking a roadie or fixay here?

Edit: Must be a fixay if you’re contemplating grinding off tabs.

You running single our double chainring?

Consider ISO vs JIS taper. Both will work jut check the displacement when runnin them other way around.

Easiest option being campy cranks, get a miche English 109 or 110 whatever miche do and you will be sorted as you can space the cups to get a perfect chainline

I’m not wuite sure of the current BB width, but the chainline is probably 2 or 3mm out.
and yeah its a fixay, single chainring (outer).

I’ll probably give the Miche a go, cheers guys.

measure your spindle first, then order one a few mm longer.

Me = Heretic … I’d grind the tabs off.

Campy road cranks from the early classic fluted era ran a BB with a 4 or 5mm offset on the drive side so finding a cartridge ISO BB that’s asymmetrical and 112-114mm overall width is gonna do your head in time/cost wise. Yes, by grinding the tabs off you’re partly ruining a perfectly good set of cranks but they were made for some 30 odd years and there’s still probably millions of the out there so no biggie IMO. Either you run an offset BB and ruin the chainline for a fixed drivetrain or the tabs get filed off. Guess what I’d do?

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You have some good points.
I figured that I only paid $60 for these, and they’re only ever going to be used on a single speed / fixed drivetrain.
So off went the tabs this morning, and they ride great :smiley:

Ha !!

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You’d be surprised how little time I actually have for the old stuff. I might chime in about the workings or dating them but I’m usually pretty frank about limitations of old gears, brakes and such. I’d just rather the kids have correct knowledge, info and perspective. I usually prefer modern stuff but find it challenging to get parts/bikes looking classic. Whilst there are some old parts that are briliiant and work very well compared to contemporary stuff, the majority of old stuff is for the most past it or limited in it’s use.

Potato: good for you. Rest easy knowing there are more strada cranks around than there are similar era derailleurs and brakes as they’ve suffered from rusted small parts and worn pulleys/springs etc. You’re actually just providing equilibrium. Check the spider webbing for cracks and if you have them use a small round file to file out the crack so it doesn’t become bigger and fail. Not a drama, quite common. Take away as much meat as you need to prevent future failure.

^ I have had three sets of these cranks come through my garage in the last few weeks and they all had cracks…

I also ground the tabs off cause the bikes were built for hipster coffe kids

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And I could never go back to DT shifters if you paid me.

You’ll see what floats my boat when I post pics of the Pasta’N Rice Vetta in retro roadies with brifters.

did this, and love the result