BB30 - English Adaptors. Yes or no?

So I got a new frame with a BB30 bottom bracket and want to swap across my Sram Red Group from my old bike, but my current BB is English thread.

I’m pretty reluctant to drop a few hundred dollars on new Red cranks just to fit the new bottom bracket when I could get an English adapter from somewhere for about $30 and use my current ones.

I know nothing about adapters though so it’s hard to decide. Is it worth it to get a BB30 crankset or would the adapter do the job just as well?

I’d sell the Red group (with the old bike?) and/or get a new crank (FSA?). BB30s are complicated installs as they are, and although as a mech I’ve had no experience with the adaptor and therefore can’t comment on any trouble with it, I’d rather plop the cash on a new crank and sell the old crank. you’re deadset on keeping everything Red?

so you’re suggesting replace an average crankset with a really bad crankset?

bb30 installs are not complicated. i don’t understand why people get so hung up on them

anyway. helpful suggestions:
buy one of these:

wheels mfg, bb30 adaptor cups. light grease the bearings, wack them in(or press them gently if you feel so inclined/have ceramics). depending on your frame you might get away with putting the seal things (the two red bits here:**/fyVMtP8A.B).

doing that will reduce maintenance intervals. stick your crank in, tighten it. you are done. if there is slop (as there sometimes is, as sram don’t make their axles regular lengths and there is a stupid amount of variation in frames). if there is slop, and you haven’t already put those seal things in, do it. tighten your crank.

this is the only tricky bit, if you put the crank and seals in and the bearings have too much drag, you will need a wave washer thingo, also pictured in the link above. take out the seals, put the wave washer in. tighten your cranks. done.

bb30 as a system needs more maintenance than a traditional shimano HTII system (although not a lot more than a gxp bb). deal with it.

glue in inserts are a horrible idea, they slip and creak and suck to remove/install. i have no experience with the praxis thingos, apparently they are good, but those wheels mfg thingos work perfectly for less money(i have installed well over 150 of those or similar things(buy the wheels mfg ones, plastic is a better material than metal in this application, it kills less bearings and they don’t have a tendency to seize like the alloy ones do), they work perfectly, it’s specializeds insistence on shitty glue in osbb cups that causes any issues).

have a look at the BB30 - BB24 adapter from ROTOR…looks like a better mousetrap.

The FSAs are really not that bad. They don’t sport the stiffest chainrings around and occasionally sputter up the odd creak but I can’t see how they’re ‘really bad’ for the price.

Great suggestion btw, I’ve never encountered these adaptor cups and have been skeptical of their efficacy. I would have thought allowances for play. Your explanation was clear enough. Apparently wheels mfg sells spacer units to correct chainline too so yeah for $30 they’re more than certainly worth a go

I was in your position abut 10 months ago.

Your options are the Wheels Manufacturing cups or press in adapter. Praxis Works dont make an SRAM compatible version, something about the spindle lengths. Not sure about that Rotor one, havnt read much on it when i was researching earlier this year.

I think it depends more on if you want to keep the Red for the long haul or not.

If yes, invest in a proper BB30 crank/bearing set up, it will be worth it. Do it once, do it right.

I went the press in adapter, was good for abut 9 months, started to creak, i went to take out the cups and grease with copper grease and sure enough the sleeve had started to slip, i could take the cup out without the whole sleeve moving.

I only chose the adapter as i was still very new to the groupset and bike, but if i had my time again, i do go proper BB30 set up with SRAM.

Thread dig before I order these cups as suggested by GH,

Will this crankset -
Work with this adapter -
On my 68mm BSA BB shell?

Should do!

Thread from the dead.

Soon to build a CAAD10 which has a BB30 shell. Wanna use my existing Rival groupset which has GXP cranks.

Anyone got anything else to add to the above discussion? Should I use an adaptor, or spend the $$$ on new cranks? Would really love to not have to spend the extra money, but if the adaptors are shithouse, I’d rather know now before it causes annoying issues.

Dug up this golden oldie too…

At this stage I’m definitely leaning towards the adaptor option. See how it goes, then worst case scenario it sucks, I un-install it and shop around for cranks.

Still keen to hear what people have to say about it though. Please discuss.

I use wheelsmfg bb30 cups in my specialized and they’ve been fine.

a quick google and looks like Praxis finally has an SRAM compatible BB, id go with that option mate. Dont waste your time with sleeves/adapters.

Cheers guys. Jase, I didn’t realise Praxis had a GXP compatible unit. Good to know.

All signs are pointing to adaptor. Guess I just need to figure out whether to go with WMFG or Praxis. Jase I know you said you had issues with the WMFG type. Do you reckon it may have been down to the way you installed or maintained it, or are they just prone to that sort of thing?

Found this article which sings the praises of WMFG. They seem to think that packing with extra grease when installing does the trick

If it makes any difference, the chances of this bike being ridden in wet weather are slim to none.

Actually i was using the FSA sleeve, installed by LBS. Sleeve slipped and i upgraded to a BB30 crank anyway, never looked back.

IMO, if you plan on keeping it, go a proper bb30 crank. Otherwise go the Praxis, its a more solid set up.

I got a praxis in my caad10, hasn’t creaked yet touch wood, need 2 BB tools 2 install tho

They definitely sell it well

I’ve got a set of 172.5mm carbon Force compact 10spd BB30 crankset (pictured at the bottom of this post: ) I’ll sell for $50 if you want to just keep it kosher. The bb’s I have won’t be much good to you as they are PF30.

Oh, and I think I might know which box the chainrings are in. If you’re interested I can have a dig.

Located in Melb.

I had a WMFG adapter on my old caad and on my current bike (also a caad10). Works perfectly, never had any issues.

Need standard, not compact. Bummer. Thanks anyway.

No probs.
Although it’s worth noting that 50/11 is a bigger gear than 53/12, so you only lose less than one gear in the top end, and gain a bunch on the low side. Or you can run 11-25 instead of 11-28 and get closer shifting gaps/shave a gram.