Beach Rude on the roadies!

going for a beach rd mash on the roady if anyone is interested?

leaving north melbourne around 5:45, dripped in all things lycra (it’s just feels so good on my skin!)

then heading through docklands, port melb and st kilda to mordy and back.

if you got gears and your queer i’ll see ya there!


I’d have been up, but not this morning… work calls. :frowning:

Hey out of cuirosity what do you find is the best route over to the beach rd?

I live just near the Public Bar and most routes seem to be a bit of pain to get past the city…

I would go straight down Spencer st or maybe through Docklands. Not too stressful I’d imagine.

Sorry folks and nick!

i was meant to put a pm next to the 5:45. yeah afternoon ride!

i’m keeping an eye on the weather though…40c aint perfect riding weather by means.
come on cool change, i wanna ride!!

getting through the city is a bit shitty. i start near the north melb cricket ground head up to north melb train station, drop in behind Ethhad stadium, fire through the montague st down to port melb then head out down beach rd to mordy.

beach rd away from the city today was intense. lotta wind resistance! Way back was a breeze though ahha

yeah killer head wind on the way out. was asking myself “what the hell am i doing here again” half way out.

props to nick who came out on a brakeless 26r and keep the cadence up nearly till Sandy.

i’m keeping up with this tuesday ride every week, starting at 5:45pm from north melbs if anyone is keen.

do note that i will be on my road bike.


yep. I’m in - will have to pick up the ride in Port Melbourne though.

noted, calendared.

Was thinking i would attend (had my ‘snot rocket’ @ work) but early start/busy day sapped me of the required mental fortitude to face the wind.

went and entertained the fallen soldier @ royal melbourne instead

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don’t get mixed up with the Tuesday roadie bunch ride on the way back if any of you happen to be on fixed gears. Sounds like the timing will be about right and I can already see 55km/h pile ups as they pass and mix.

Chaz - no worries picking you up in port melb. could meet you at the crn of pickles st and beconsfield?

Nikcee - good call because that was the worst blow job i’ve had in a ages. (hehe)

thanks for the calendar listing bro!

heatseeker - peeps got to learn somehow. im sure the group comes past a lot worse riders.

must remind eveyone that i and others do this ride on road bikes. (FYI)


Thanks for letting me sit on for so long on the ride, if I ever get back on the geared roadie I will be sure to do decent turns at the front and mix it up a bit…

thanks for lettin me tag on till st kilda.
spewin i had to run home, would have loved to ‘hang on’ for a bit longer instead of heading home @ st kilda. will be sure to join in, when i can get a chance.
& be on me geared bike too, lol

nice one jay,i,m keen on the ride man,but dont have my new roadie yet,are you wanting to ride roadies only? for close bunch rides etc? just thinking throwing brakeless fixed gears into the mix may get messy.

Yo Benzy!

yeah trying to keep it road bikes. as the speed does differ a bit between the two types of bikes. BUT, if peeps are keen to start the ride together and are cool if it splits then i’m all roses!

it’s my only roady ride i get during the week. gots to mix that shits up once in a while!

how soon you looking to build your new ride up? your looking at a plastic fantasic bike huh?

yeah rad man,im chasing steel @ the moment,ill see what i can find out there.