Ola ola ola. Another night of fun brought to yous by Lane and Safa. And this time it’s for a good cause, and i don’t just mean getting pissed.
The Beagle(winner of the courier cup) had a big woopsy and ain’t covered by insurance cos it didn’t happen at work. To help our brother out the Beaglecat is a fundraiser funrace and there’ll be a raffle for some schwag. Come down to the Public Bar(Victoria and O’connel) this friday around 6. It’ll finish nearby for a bit of party and booze(free if you’re quick enough).
It’s open entry(pay as much as you can afoord to help out, show me a gold coin and i’ll show you my middle finger), all cash to the Beagle.

i’ll be down there to show you lots of gold coin, safa.

aw yeah, beagleicious

so i uhhh know i said id do the flyer, but i drank some wine and well now this.

im happy with it.


sick flyer.

It’s the best I’ve ever seen.

One bit of advice. Go to this link, You and Your Music | Listen and Stream Free Music, Albums, New Releases, Photos, Videos, and take a listen to Beagle’s song Keep on Spinnin’. It could help you come race time.

And fuck look at that flyer, dope shit. Get yourselves down.

I’ll be there with big shiny dangling bells on!

thats the best flyer ive ever seen in my life … If u dont come come to this then ur a ku.nt beagles the man seriously guys his music is so dope i cant believe hes not famous crazy cash yet . none eats corn from a can better . ill be there one hundreds. hes MDMA and a messsenger and one of the nicest guys you can ever meet so spread the word and ill see u all friday (assuming my wife doesnt give birth) You and Your Music on MySpace Music - Free Streaming MP3s, Pictures & Music Videos … thats all EPIC melbourne at its best .

me and my Knog Possie will be thur! mad Flyer!

I’m in - catch you at 6pm, oh yeah!

Shit - I’m running late - what time does the ride roll out?

Fun race, and a laugh as always with the twins at the helm…

Decent amount of coin raised and the Beagle was obviously very appreciative.

couldnt agree more coffee, thanks for the good times, happy to help the beagle out even tho I murdered his song at blue tile…

Just a quick results as i nurse my hangover… Vince from Switzerland took it out, followed by controversy but as ansell didnt write his name on his manifest pip was declared 2nd. ansell 3rd followed by many fast motherfuckers. race raffle was won by andrew rae. best courieroke effort went to ryan ianhuman. best can ‘o’ corn went to PiP. biggest fuckup was a tie between benny for losing his manifest then finding it and b-rice for ending up in the emergency room. DFL matt from mailcall. and the main raffle prize went to tom who came down with a bung knee and did a solo checkpoint. Cheers to all checkpoints for helping out, and cheers to peeps for coming down. Thanks to sponsors,; knog, iride, pony bikes and spray ya bike. these peeps always come thru so show support and make them your 1st port of call. we raised $650 for the beagle. Nice work peeps . time to pass out =P

@waggers bro you really need better time management!

@lane and safa great race fellas! always making it fun as hell and thanks for making us look like crack addicted freaks searching the streets for the worlds last ciggy butts! hilarious.

awesome that race was for a good cause to help out a fellow rider.

Yeah thanks guys, heaps of fun. And a nice short route made it real fast all the way.

Running into the Blue Tile Lounge checkpoint and being told to get on stage to perform karaoke was gold! Chugging a can of corn, not so good. Pieces of corn were flying out of my mouth for the next 3 blocks.

Someone ended up in emergency? Is he ok?

Probably true; still I made it in time, & didn’t take out DFL, so all in all I think things worked out ok.
Rad race; especially all the Fri nite inner-city traffic action. That Glick’s checkpoint was getting cornographic!
Any chance of getting the full results posted up so I know where I placed overall?

best flier ever

fucking rad! first time i have ever won anything and i didn’t even have to race! thanks guys