Beardo Motobecane Commuter in Adelaide.

Vintage Bicycle French Motobecane | Bicycles | Gumtree Australia Adelaide City - Adelaide CBD | 1033229456

Reasonably priced. Would be a good commuter. Also, is that a Suntour stem?

Good eyes on the stem! Could be sakae royal, I dunno for fact but I think they are the same thing and comes in French size. Almost worth it for stem and saddle alone.

Looks pretty tall. Paging DaFrog…

it’s in Adelaide and i’ve sworn a terrible oath not to got back there unless i’m getting paid
my Miyata with fat tyres is doing it for me right now

If anyone’s interested in buying this check the “frenchness” of everything as upgrading or replacing anything that’s worn out (BB headset especially) can become difficult/expensive. handlebars and seatpost may also be wack sizes