beardo tech powers mtb racers

Awesome MTB dyno setup that’s offroad-tough, MTB-bright and can charge phone, gps and headlight as well : - Rob Dean: Santa Cruz / The North Face Endurance Mountain Bike Rider: Racing on a Dynamo - Charging My GPS, A Bright Light and Some Very Special Hub Dynamo Wheels

As being tested right now by three dudes racing the inaugural England-Wales-England bikepacking race :

EWE « Aidan Harding

Do want!

New Exposure Dynamo light coming out in Autumn (Spring), me interested!

I thought you were all about batteries bro. Your change of tune is a little disappointing.

Yeah but now I’ve got the Exposure mounts!

this is probably old news to youse guys but just read about this on the commuter site

Supernova Plug | Commuter Cycles

In other Beardo MTB news, this Hurricane - Quiet Rush .:.versatile, rugged, powerful hybrid electric ebikes.:. was spotted riding at Mt Joyce, last Monday.
MTB Dirt Mountain Bike Forums forum - Topic - Mt Joyce Monday 16th of July.

That shit is not beardo it’s a fucking abomination.
I’ve seen one on/near southbank a few times on bike/ped paths, probably not the best place to play with it