Beer me!!!

#2 is one of my favourites. I brewed a mean copy of it/SNPA a few years back. It was a fantastic batch, even won a (very) small online homebrew comp with it. But if you don’t like lots of fruity hops, you won’t like this beer.

tooheys pils isn’t much of a pilsener.

I think the reason the xxxx isn’t on the list is because if you let the secret out, everyone will drink it, and supplies will be scarce. Like superbe pro hubs…

Head on down to Dan Murphys sometime. They have a very fine selection of Aussie micros.

(Sorry soblue, drinx is good too, but not quite the same range :wink:

No worries Blakey, I also worked for Dan. Good retailer but was better before bought out by Woolworths.

Steinlager is my current beer of choice but it doesnt rate in the beer ratings list of New Zealand…

OMFG!!! :shock:
That is like coming to Australia and saying that you think that Foster’s is the pick of the beers.
Speights, Monteiths (any of them but currently loving the Pilsner), Canterbury Draught, Wanaka… the list goes on.

Meat on the BBQ, and one of these in my hands…damm good beer.

14 year thread resurrection…

When I go camping I prefer to take beer in cans. Reason 1 is that bottles break, reason 2 is that you can crush down a can when you’re finished. So on my latest trip I took Kosciuszko IPA which just happened to be the only canned IPA in a carton of 24 at the local. I thought that it might be a craft brewery that I’d never heard of, there are so many these days. Turns out that it’s a big company brand. true to form, it was quite bland, tasteless, watery. I’ll be glad when I’ve finished the carton. I have previously tried Mountain Goat in cans, but again, a bit bland. They tend to call these things “session ales”. Not quite sure what that means. Back in the 70s & 80s in Qld (shows how old I am), Sunday drinking was limited to 2 two hour sessions 11-1 and 5-7.

Anyway, are there any breweries putting their best stuff into cans? I think I saw some Brew Dogs products but at about $6 a can I can’t afford to drink it.

Try Mornington Pale it’s pretty tasty, comes in cans and isn’t to bad price wise. Young Henry’s is also in that category.

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Here are the “Craft Beers” you need to avoid… Yes, that includes Balter now.

As far as what you should be taking on your next trip - head down to your local independent bottle shop and there should be a large choice as most breweries are putting their good stuff in cans these days. Grab a 6 pack and find a beer you like before committing to a case.

See if you can track down Bridge Road Beechworth Pale Ale, Hop Nation Jedi Juice, Bentspoke Barley Griffin, Philter XPA, Akasha Pale Ale or IPA to name a few.

there’s a few good small breweries around the peninsula doing cans now - St Andrews, Jetty Road. I reckon theyre both good if you can get your hands on em.

Is Colonial owned by a big company? I like them too, in particular the amusing novelty can scenario.

Doesn’t Session Ale these days mean ‘light’ or some variation thereof?

Session beers are just aimed at being drinkable over and over, so they try and create a beer to that is true to the style, clean, refreshing and below 5%

Yup - Colonial are independent. Always look for this seal

Brew Dog is one that is easy to give up. Up until their “Equity for Punks” program, their beer wasn’t bad, but the last few years its been garbo. Doesn’t help that the owners also turned into money grubbing scum and screwed over all the people who invested in them, by taking money from an investment firm and adding so much stock as to make “Equity for Punks” buyer’s shares completely worthless.

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I’ve been enjoying Coopers XPA lately - partly because I snagged a few sixers for $15 each from a popular bottle shop chain. :grinning:

I saw them but I couldn’t find a full carton. I have tried the Mornington IPA in a can and it was OK but it’s hard to find a bottle shop big enough to stock all the brands, styles and package sizes out here.

Cooper’s have made a few attempts at the IPA style over the last few years, I even saw one labelled a “session ale”, but none have impressed me much. But I’ll try the XPA.

Burger joint near me was doing Atomic XPA tins for $6 for a while. Low IBU of 25 (I’m not mad for anything hoppier than about 45 #comeatmebro). Thought they were perfectly acceptable for that price. Independent brewer. Dunno what they go for in a slab (Dan Murphy has their Pale Ale for $58, but their IPA for $69), but see if you can find those…?

spicy take: beers are too hoppy in general atm, it’s like sipping a flower garden. Sometimes you just want an icy frothy.

Stick to them lagers.

I like interesting and new beers. But often I feel ‘complexity’ just implies being assaulted with hops.

As will be clear I know nothing about beer, just a punter’s perspective.

haven’t you heard Jim, IPAs are old and busted, sours and goses are the new hotness