Behind The Pub

Pssst. Wanna buy some speakers?

Is this the ‘anything goes’ thread? Exciting.

NO. These still apply.

Actually I do.

Wattaya got?

Nuthin. I regreted the thread as soon as i made it. Its a joke that some in melbourne might get. its actually kind of funny if you get it.

I just sobered up a bit

I think its where you go for a quick knee-trembler in between games of Big Buck Hunter

I assumed it was referring to dodgy dealings of stolen goods “behind the pub”.

get anything bike related for Vday anyone?

rubbed up a new saddle sore this morning

Im going back inside. I dont like it out here.

Oi man, got a spare ciggie?

If this is that, can somebody please tell me what ‘blue balls’ feels like?

'blue balls" plural? No idea. #cancerisnojoke

Ohhhhhhh anytime I mention balls!
I’ll donate my one with the varicocele to you.

I had a mate, and no it wasn’t me, go to the doctors with a severe case of blue balls. The doctor told him to go have a wank basically.

it’s some BS that dudes have fabricated as a cunning ruse to convince people to sleep with them.

Hey where has Spirito gone?

Fuck this thread is lame! Needs more offence.

i’d rather a good…