Being a courier

I have a problem. I worked as a courier for about 4 months and loved it way more than any other i have had. I quit couriering because i got a job as a bike mechanic, which had been my dream job for years. After a few months of being a bike mechanic i find i am now yearning to be a courier again so i can spend my time outdoors and have fun and get daily thrills again. It is not that i am bored with my current job, its just pales in comparison to couriering. I earn a fair bit more as a mechanic but is it worth it? I still take risks and ride like i used to whenever i am on the road but it is just not the same.
Has anyone else had this ‘courier separation anxiety’? What would you do? :?

You gotta do what ya love. Life is to short to do a job you hate!

i had it, and i cured it.
i went back to messenger work.
been doing it off and on for 22 years now.
it’s easy to find part time mechanic work, and just use that for top up on hours.
if you love messenger work, go do it.
it’s not for everyone, but for those who do love it, you never really quit.

Tell me about it. I work full time in a job I really like for about 22g’s a year. I could earn twice as much doing two days in a shitty call centre but I’d be miserable.

You just have to decide which way the scales tip for you.

Yeah, looks like you guys feel pretty much the same way. Maybe i’ll stick out being a mechanic and earn some cash until uni is finished then go back to being a courier if i can stand it no longer.

One question, though, how do you guys get by full time on a courier wage? I could barely cover the food cost when i did it and with rent and other expenses… How do you make it work?

To live the ‘courier lifestyle’ you gotta make ‘compromises’ in other ways. PM me someday.

i take home $600+ a week.
i’m on hourly so i don’t earn as much as some of the quick commission guys but i’m old, fat and i don’t care.
so it evens out.
a couple of the really quick guys here have $1K weeks pretty regularly.

haven’t ever really found that i need to make compromises for the “messenger lifestyle”, but i don’t smoke any more, and i rarely drink, so maybe that’s the difference.

i also work very part time in a bike shop which is just enough hours to keep my employee discount going.

We’ll I’m not a courier but my wage means I can live but I can’t save.
Which is fine for living (in the moment) but no so great for saving (for the future)