Bell me....

My lovely bell is proudly back on the fixie of love, why…Inane getting car doored got me a little worried. Great I thought, a bit of bell will get people to notice me, sadly I am not sure if this is the case…I think its worse. I ring my bell and people either turn to have a look, and in doing so are more in my way…or a car drivers just see the bell as a way to keep there eyes on a ‘moving target’!

Who else is a ‘bell-boy’?

I was, now I’m not. I find my voice is a lot quicker and easier to use. And for some reason pedestrians seem to react really randomly to the sound of a bell.

I want one of those shiny bells from Jitensha Studio to go into my DT shifter bosses. But knowing me, I’ll just fabricate my own.

The other option is an Air Zound. Tempting. Gave a driver a big slap on their rear quarter panel when they started to change lanes into me and didn’t hear me yelling. Went past the driver to see her smoking and mouthing ‘SMIDSY’, just for a change.

In other news, spokepov #1 built, #2 almost started, beware Brisbane, the streets are about to be lit up.

The only thing my bell got used for was indicating happiness… and then there was no one to hear it. I agree with the yell. A well-timed “HEY!” is golden.

Yup … bells never worked for me. Yelling is much more effective at getting attention.

Forgot to add …

With a Bell, the sound travels all around.

With your voice, you’re actually projecting in a certain direction. Makes it alot easier for peds to figure out where the sound is coming from.


I’m bell and yell

Bell on bikepaths mainly; yell at the fools on the roads …

I need a bell to connect to my “other” brake lever. It’s currently a little floppy.

  • Joel

Never used a bell. I just like threading the needle and hearing the “hay” when they (peds) are behind you.

I thought about riging up a truck air horn for cars though :twisted:


I got a bell. Use it a bit, but use thy voice alot more.

And sometimes through a megaphone - I find that works really well!!!

i have a good friend in melb who commutes from coburg to the cbd everyday, and had done so more or less for the past 10 years. He has one of those big compressed air horn things. and to my knowledge, uses it rather liberally. can’t say putting one of these things on a fixie would add to it’s aesthetic, but it certainly works :slight_smile:


Bloody loud & sharp ‘OI!’ for me. It seems to stop peds dead & cagers sink into their seats.

Likewise. An unknowing pedestrian is, for the most part, a predictable pedestrian.

And I don’t reckon a bell would be any match for a car door.

What’s ‘SMIDSY’?

SMIDSY=Sorry Mate I Didn’t See You

… to which the politically correct response is … “You’ll never f***** see me if you don’t f***** look!”

“I’m not your fucken mate, but I could have been your friend, neighbour, child, get off the phone and open your eyes.”

I almost prefer it when people beep at me, at least they saw me.

Apparently SMIDSY crosses international borders, a very similar phrase is used in various countries in the EU, just no ‘mate’.

I was looking for a bell that fit into a bar end at one stage but sort of gave up.

Most of the traffic laws for bicycles are resonably logical, but the bell one is a bit stupid as bells are useless for cars and your voice is much better for warning pedestrians on bikeways. I usually try and avoid shared paths like the plague as I find pedestrians to be far less predictible than cars (usually).


And thanks all for enlightening me about ‘SMIDSY’. I never knew there was an acronym for it.


In traffic no one can hear you scream, but I bell on the bayside path. Most regular path peds seem to know what it means. I’m conflicted this week - just built a new ride and don’t want to spoil the aesthetic with a bell.