Benefits of cycling for other sports

not looking for help as such, just thought it was an interesting topic to discuss.

The movement that we do in our shooting is very explosive, if we need to move any great distance at all. I’m suprised the cycling didnt help with your overall fitness with running, but they are 2 completely different forms of exercise.

I think out of the 7 stages I shot on sunday, which took about 5 hours… My actual time shooting - ie being timed would be under 2 minutes and 30 seconds. the rest is standing around, watching other shooters, patching targets etc.

i found that the effect of cycling on the fitness required for soccer was minimal.
regardless of how much riding i do it hasn’t really made me fitter for soccer.

but it is working the other way (i reckon).
having done a full preseason for the first time in a couple of years i feel pretty good on the bike…rarely running out of breathe no matter where i’m riding to.

i reckon the stop-start nature of sprinting, jogging, walking etc. isn’t helped too much by the fairly consistent heart-rate nature of the cycling i do.

I reckon it helps me get a bit higher off the lip when I’m skating vert ramps.

Cycling def helps with cardio and it’s easier on the knees (non fixed) than jogging.

I can’t believe it took this long to arrive at justdave’s answer.

I’ve been holdin off until I could find a non offensive visual to express it.

I’m looking to undertake a cycling routine to compliment boxing training.

Do you guys think this will be effective for leg strength and cardio?


edit: there, I did it again.

Definitely, any form of cardio will help you with boxing.

just a FYI, when i shot last weekend, i couldnt hit shit.

Times were great, but i couldnt hit a target if it was right in front of me HA HA i think it was the CBF factor lol. came out with a stage win though which saved my score giving me 10th?? overall

Cycling helped my laptimes while motorbike racing through being fitter overall. Usually in a 7-10 lap race my lap times would drop of by a couple of seconds or more in the closing laps, even worse in longer races. Having the stamina to compete harder for longer is definitely a plus for motorbike racing for me anyway.
Also tearing my ACL in a racing crash 2 yrs ago and recently breaking my collarbone, cycling has allowed me to get back to exercising quicker due to be able to ride indoors on exercise bikes, indoor trainer and now on my new rollers (thx Will)

A friend of mine was a ruckman (Australian football) from a young age to under-15s. He stopped playing sport competitively at age 14 when he moved interstate. At age 18, he got a job as a full-time bike courier and worked for over two years on a fixie before taking up footy again at an amateur level. Although he had not played footy in around seven years, he entered the local comp and dominated from the onset, receiving the best-on-ground award in his first proper game, a season opener.

The footy team he joined was very happy to have him onboard. He played several games in the season, absolutely dominating in the ruck and enjoying every minute of it.

He was happy to be playing again, but his legs were very sore from combining work with sport. Such was his determination to play on, he was willing to quit courier work so he could play without the discomfort but his decision to travel abroad saw him abandon both courier work and footy altogether.

^ after 6 weeks of playing again for the first time in years, I have come to the conclusion that riding brakeless has fucked my knee(s). in fact I came to that conclusion tonight, because my left knee is fvcking sore after training. now I dont know what to do as I just ordered a miche pistard wheelset but want to start using a brake. crimeny!!

Just go a lower GI and rock a brake, or go S/S.