Benotto fixed

Finally finished my first ride after waiting over 8 months for different parts to come in from around the world.
I know i’m new to fixed and everything but I just wanted to make something that ‘I’ wanted to make, yes i could’ve bought a fuji for 500 bucks but it wasn’t what i wanted.

I always liked the old school look so i got an old frame and built it old school even with new components.

Build list:

Benotto Frame (from belgium)

Velocity Deep V’s (from USA, yes it was cheaper to get brand-new handbuilt deep vs from there instead of here in australia)

Campagnolo Chorus cranks and chain ring (52T) (from QLD)

No name cog 18t

Cinelli stem and Pista h/bars (from lbs)

KMC gold chain just for some highlights.

and yes im running double brakes, getting rid of the rear brake soon as i just switched the hub to fixed. On the rear brake I decided to mount it backwards one just for something different and 2, bcoz i had to drill out the hole a little bit more to get the rear brake bolt of the caliper through, i think its a cool little quirk. havent seen anyone else do it.

hope u guys like it coz im really happy about the way its turned out, the only changes are going to be the brake levers. i also have a flat bar and grips that im thinking of changing to but i do really like the pista bars.

let me know what u guys think!

very nice
except for the brake levers on track drops…
but really nice frame :smiley:

i know hence the soon to be changed to bmx levers.

road drops would do much nicer.

very nice colour combo and gold detailling!!!

where did you source the frame from? fleabay?

yeah fleabay! im a net-buyer whore.!
unless u know someone in the industry here the prices for “SOME” things are ridiculous.
i just got really good prices for all my parts on the net so i went there.

loving that frame.

Why did you run the rear brake reversed?

the hole that was drilled into the frame already was too small for the rear bolt of the brake to fit in, and i couldnt get the angle between the seat tube and seat stays with the drill so therefore i just drilled the hole on the outerside and put the brake on backwards, i thought it was a cool little quirk…

that being said im removing the rear brake all together soon and just staying with the front.

awesome frame mate, nice job.

Not that it matters I guess, as you don’t need the rear brake, but does it function just as well on the inside? No less braking power or anything? Never seen anyone do that!!

yeah it seems to work just as good as my roadie.
if u have a look at TT bikes they sometimes mount the brake under the chainstay so i figure this was kinda the same principle…

Yeah looks good! Loose the rear brake, and put a little cyclocross front brake lever on it and it’ll be sweet! :smiley:

funny u say that, while ‘studying’ last night i felt the need to do exactly that so bought some small brake levers from ebay and ripped off the back break and took off the handlebar tape to give it a more old school track look… taking a photo soon

OK just popped a quick pick with the other ones of the bike without bar tape and rear brake… as i said new brake lever on the way will post pics when they eventually arrive… but until then it has just rained here in adelaide so i might just go out and do a little skid training…

already looking better without that cable.

haha cheers