Benotto Track

63cm x 58cm of lugged steel.

This is worthy of Bike Porn. Nice one Stefen!

Yea dude that is hot!
Original paint? Looks like its in top condition

man that is alot of steeeeeeeeeel … love the clearances!

Not an OG benotto?

veery nice. i always like seeing bigger bikes.

but it looks like your front wheel is sliiightly off true…

You’re right ferg - the front wheel isn’t all the way in - and the seat isn’t dead straight either - the bike got an overhaul because Sydney weather has been fucked lately!

Gypo I can’t say whether or not it’s an original Benotto. It doesn’t have the typical hallmarks of Benotto (‘heart’ cut out in BB, panto’d seat stay caps) but it’s not inconsistent with other Benotto pistas I’ve seen. It could just as easily be another Aussie frame though.

Not original paint - it had Bike Addicition decals on the seat stays when I got it (which I’ve picked out).

f_b_m, the courier just picked up the wheels - I’ve been running the same set for almost a year now, they are awesome, your GF should be stoked!

Trust me, she is. What are the specs on your ride BTW?

+1 parts list dude!?!

its awesome

Nice ride. Dura Ace to Open pro for the win!

Nitto pearl stem and B123AA bars with Cinelli cork tape
DA cranks and BB, sugino super mighty chainring, ATAC pedals
Thomson post and Specialized Toupe saddle (DA post too short!)
DA hubs, DT spokes, open pro rims, with Zaffiro pro tyres
DA headset
Kashimax TT protector

Shit is hot.

The colours are awesome, except for the orange and white.

<Insert wolf whistle here>

Accidenly throws spare cleats in the bin. :wink:

+1 Brahahhahahahahaha

super nice. i don’t normally like that much white on bikes but that is pretty sweet.

tubing type is a mystery yeah? but it’s super light? have you weighed it?
brakeless+sydney streets=drops are just for photos? switching back to risers soon?

drops rule making it a track bike not a fixie…

you always adapt to 'em

I like big bikes and I can not lie…

I retract my previous statement: this bike is a shining example of a classic steel track bike, and the colours merely enhance the beauty of what is clearly a fucking huge frame.

this is some top shelf shit, well done