Ben's Cycles still have their cheap(ish) wheel set.

Sure, they’re not amazing, but you can get them (including shipping) for about $260AUD.

If our dollar was better, I’d be all over this.

Ya reckon those rims are any better than the deep section jobbies that come with the Velocity wheelset from Abbostford? Got my set from them for $300 last year…

I don’t reckon they’d be better, but surely Velocity’s would’ve gone up in price with our dollar dropping.


Wheel and Sprocket were cutting the guts out of wheelset prices on their ebay store a couple of weeks ago if you’re after that sort of thing (mostly velocities with a range of different rims to choose from.

velocities being an australian company with their rims made in australia (right?) their prices should stay exactly the same

Maybe, but I still heard their prices were going up.