Ben's new ride.

Well, I took the plunge yesterday and began a track specific build…

I picked up from Ray’s in Hobart:

  • 05 Avanti Pista frame in black
  • Carbon bladed track fork (also black)
  • Black Sugino 75 cranks
  • 3/32 49 tooth Blackspire Chain-ring (ah… black as well)

and I’ll be using a few of the parts I have at home which are:

  • Mavic Ellispe wheelset
  • Deda stem (black)
  • Deda pista bars (black)
  • Thompson Elite seatpost in, you guessed it, black,
  • Black Sella Italia seat
  • Black Champ grips
  • Sram chain
  • Soma black 15tooth ring

I haven’t any pedals for this build yet… (I broke my Candy’s yesterday so need replacements… any recommendations?) and I hope to have the whole lot assembled by friday week for the track race that night.

Should look fkn stealth! Haha…

If you’re getting new pedals… get black ones.

d’ya reckon? I was thinking yellow…

Bumble bee

yeah like the transformer dude! or did you mean like Maya?


Spud was speachless??


Black + Yellow = Bumble bee.

Whats Maya?

Maya the Bee! ah, I think it was a dutch cartoon? It used to run on tv down here in the early 80’s…

…just was given a Ken Self frame the other week… it had Campy pista cranks on it so having a re=think on the black sugino 75s…

Gee mate, it’s a tough choice… sucks to be you. haha.

Get with the pictures!

Working on it! (took some last night but haven’t put 'em on my computer yet! soo… Monday?)

…but then again if Nath and Turbo turn up at Track in Hobart 2night they should get a good look at the back of it! haha! Nah… see this link for the pic!

fuck you federal government!

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and I bought the yellow pedals… hmmn… now for a complete re-build on the surly steamroller! street style! hahaha! spewin’ ya blocked tick,tick,tick… I feel your pain (its christmas for christ sake… give him access Kevin)