bent forks

the steerer tube on my forks have bent sideways
the bend isnt extreme as you would expect.

what i wanted to know -

is it possible to get them fixed.
and if so does anybody know a rough figure on the price?


can you just find a machine shop with a hydraulic press? i imagine it would be pretty simple to bend back

if you know what caused the bend, you can reverse the impacts force and bend it back into shape.

I landed a jump badly and bend the steerer forwards, with the impact of the front wheel hitting first. fixing it just required the wheel to be removed and for the fork to be turned backwards before pushing the front of the front/forks straight down on to a piece of wood.

if you have a spare hub, you can bolt it onto the drop outs, clamp a vice onto the axle/nuts and then try to twist it back in to shape. just apply force in the opposite direction to what caused the original damage, just be careful to do it slowly and check often to see what, if anything, has changed as you work on it.