bent forks

so i hit a gutter pretty hard on my ken and the forks bent the smallest bit. thing is that the bike being so tight initially the little bend has meant the wheel now touches the down tube even with 23mm tyres. so i am just wondering what is the best way to bend the forks back (if its that easy). thanks in advance

Sure it’s the forks and not the frame that’s bent? Check the top tube and down tube near the head tube for signs of damage.

yea i thought that might be the case. there seems to be a crack in the paint on both the frame and the fork - so minimal tho. there is no damage to the tubing other than possibly underneath the lug work :? which shows a very slight bulge - very slight that it is only recognisable under close inspection from someone knowing what has occurred. is there any way of bending either the fork or frame or both. i just want to ride my bike again!

Sorry to say but basicaly your frame is apples.

post some pics

I’m sure I saw you riding/hanging with someone who had a way bent fork. Black and white frame, really bent fork?

yea you did, he got a newy now tho.


Thank god haha, that one looked like it was about to break!

the old fork was even worse. the bent one really tightened up the geo :stuck_out_tongue:

maybe get a brake?

Wrap it in a tea towel and use some plyers to bend it back

engineering much?

I don’t know what i am talking about.
Don’t listen to me

Pliers? I thought you just grab it from the front and push with your feet on the pedals. Worked as a temporary fix for one of my bikes, although it kept bending back under braking and the cracks opened up.

are you guys serious? if so they’ll be a few less hipsters soon.

Serious most of the time bending a fork back is just dangerous, you weaken the fork and it will snap under you.

if you are going to do it, I’d go to Jesse at the Bikebar, he bent some forks back for me once but he did charge me a horrendous amount.

Don’t think he is going to go there anytime soon.

As Jesse retorted to me on the phone a couple of weeks ago, “I am NOT a fabricator, we’re PRECISION ENGINEERS”

I lol’d

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