BeOne and Colnago


I reckon from the height of the seat post the frame is too small for you.

you found a saronni red colnago in the rubbish. fml:(, First the hard rubbish de rosa, now this. geez

I had a 55 and 53 before and i hated the 55, just didn’t feel comfortable on it so i got the 53 and love it.
The Pro-lite cranks though, rubbish! biggest mistake ever. The chainring is like an egg.

I’m moving to Perth, the land where everyone throws out high end road bikes.

Maybe it’s elliptical eheh

sweet rides bartolomeu :wink: should get our 80’s nago’s out on a ride

my sentiments exactly

sad for the nobs who threw them out…lucky c%nt.


Amazing find mate, well done. All I ever seem to find in the kerbside collection are stained mattresses and piles of wet chip board.

We must both be looking in the same place. Don’t forget old luggage.

I just find plastic clamshell pools.

Maybe the guy who owned the Colnago had a fight with his missus because he broke the n-1 rule and one night she put it out in the hard rubbish.
Mrs Kiwicyclist threatened to run over my stable at one point when we didn’t have a dining room table for an extended period of time.

I’m interested in the backstory here.

summers almost here. grab one next time. perfect for dipping the feets with a few beers in the backyard

Also for de-annodizing large items such as rims, frames, etc.

Nice one…

What a great find, I’m jealous!