Beretto pursuit 51*56

Vintage Track / Pursuit “funny” bike. Campagnolo headset and hub. Fixed Gear SS | eBay

Appart from a “G” imprinted in the fork crown there are no markings lending an idea of the make, however I have had a few people tell me that they believe it to be a Geoff Scott custom, based on the “aero” ovalised tubing and seat post.

The seller said he thinks it’s a Geoff Scott but has no idea.

I remember I’ve seen this bike in person. It was in the window of a bike shop in Enmore just across/down the road from Hardware Gallery.

It’s freakin TINY in real life, but looks awesome!

^ I remember seeing it there too, back when I lived in Sydney. Agreed, it is stupid tiny.

My bad. Meant Gefsco. It was early and my coffee hadn’t kicked in yet.

552! Good price… Not that anyone of a normal size/stature could ride it!

I knew a fella in London who had something similar and used it about town on a regular basis. Ran a 24" front wheel = sensible stem + Rizors FOR THE WIN.

What was the seat tube though! That’s only a 52! My pursuit is a 60cm ST and I still run a good 7 or 8 inches of seatpost!

True dat. Was a touch larger TBH, maybe a 54. It sold so little people do exist after all!

And its back up
Vintage Track / Pursuit “funny” bike. Campagnolo headset and hub. Fixed Gear SS | eBay

$1200 tell him he’s dreaming.

What a joke. Neg feedback that guy for sure! He would probably get more money if he took the stupid stem and drops off it, because it just looks un-rideable like that.

it’s a free market - if he doubles his money… good on him

totally ridable, and you will absolutely be the coolest dude in the world whilst doing so, $1200, not in a million years