Berlin Longtime

Hello all,

I will be moving to Germany on the 2nd of April, which is going to be exciting, except for the fact things around here seem to be just getting started… I’ve been madly packing and organising everything for the past month, which is why I’ve missed every Saturday ride for some time.

I still plan to keep the site going - I just might be a little preoccupied for a bit while I sort out a new life; since I know no one over there, and can’t speak a word of German, I expect it all to be a little overwhelming.

Anyway, I hope things continue to go well for everybody and the site is of some use to you all. I have other commitments that require me to be connected, so I’ll still be answering emails etc.

No word on the tshirts yet, with luck they’ll be ready soon. Otherwise I’ll have to convince (beg) my girlfriend that posting tshirts to people contributes strongly to her karma bank.

I’m going to make my last Saturday ride on the 1st of April - Hopefully I’ll see some of you there!

Cheers, Nick


A huge thanks for bringing the ‘fixie’ crew of Australia together. Going to Berlin will be a blast, and I will be over in July to come and ride…or in September to drink lots of beer.

All your hard work is appriciated.



Seconded. Well done…

…everyone is going north?

‘kann primz gelegt durch ein M?dchen erhalten, das ?rtlich festgelegtes reitet’, or something.

On a positive note, my skids will look a lot more impressive without Nick here.

Good luck with Das Fix!

On a positive note, you are now all more attractive since I left Melb…

that should start a hornets next!!!

All the best Nick!

Which part of Germany are you going to?

One of our exchange students is from Germany … He’s going back sometime in Easter … might be able to hook you up with a few things.


Thanks guys!

I’m actually landing in Berlin - Des, what part of Germany is your friend from? Any contacts would be great!

Spuddy - I have no idea what that says :slight_smile:

853 - Your skids would probably be superior if you didnt worry so much about breaking or de-truing that (very) nice wheelset you run :wink:


Doesn’t matter now that my rear wheel is out of true anyway. In fact, it makes me skid more.

Check your E-mail Nick.

Just sent you the details.


Something to do with girls, and fixys