Bern Helmets

After finding two nice (read: massive) cracks running through my current lid (which i believe is actually being held together by the stickers on it) I’ve decided an upgrade may be useful in order to protect my, well, life.

Does anyone have experience with BERN helmets? seems theres not many stockists in sydney as of yet, but wondering if anyone else owns one? I was particularly intrigued by the built in visors (yes, built for snow, but decent for winter here)

Looking for a bmx-ish low profile helmet that doesnt make my head look like a mushroom, ala my classic protec.

I have the one with the built in visor, feels good man. Not legal though, I reccomend getting a nice road helmet.

They’re fine for snowboarding in, and if you’re keen you should probably head to a snowboard shop. Capix do a good low-profile bmx helmet which is probably better. I second mr. dylan’s advice though, just get a road helmet, its designed for riding bicycles, has a little sticker on it and your head won’t get too hot in it as with snowboarding helmets which are designed for the snow!

i got a new in box white ‘macon’ one. no visor…nice and simple. make me an offer if you want.

my gf has the same one and it goes fine. she stole a as sticker from kmart too.