Berretto Track - first cut

Finally got the Berretto togther. Not the final setup as I’m not sure what I’m doing with wheels.
And thinking a set of black Sugino 75s would be pimp.

Looks great. Stealth bomber. S75s would be perfect. Those drops are deeep. For the track?

black 75’s and Ellipse’s would go sick

Damn that looks shit hot. Definately black 75’s, stealth to the end!

nice setup! black TB14 would look awesome

Yep I’m endorsing The stealthiness, if you’re not running a brake I’d look into some rims without MSW, and def a set of black omniums or 75’s.
Good work!

Thanks for the feedback, feeling the love for this.

I’ve got a set of black Phil Woods and black TB14s on the way.
Will have to see how tyres fit with the TB14s.
The wheels are from my fixed roadie which runs two brakes.
These drops don’t seem much deeper than the Somas I’ve got on the other bike.

Glad someone finally bought this frame - looking good so far.

Thinking I might get Kumo to replace the steerer tube so I can run a few spacers.
It’s pretty damn low at the moment.

Is this a track or road bike?

Don’t think I’ll ever ride it on the road, so year, tarck only. Tubulars is all new to me to will probably go that way if I end up racing.
Not sure.

daaaamn. this is sweet!

Cranks set it off nicely