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mr dylan

is that le tigra? or magnum?

You bastard !!!

Now I’ve lot Le Tigre in my head, and that means playing the song Deceptacon at volume 11 for the next 3 hours and dancing around the house like a madman. That’s as close to a perfect pop song as there is. Thank you !!!


Bikini Kill were better… :wink:

here we go (rolls eyes)

When it comes to music it can be argued that everything else is better (see: your thread). In any case what I do know is that Kathleen Hanna is one of the most awesome chicks ever !!!

/// just winding you up … zoltan

^ …and is married to one of the most awesome blokes ever.

I used to really dig that skull with the cap that gypsy had.

Haha. I was just stirring. I did enjoy seeing Bikini Kill many moons ago though. Still have the shirt too. The first Le Tigre album was a good record.

And I too can’t turn left. Which is why the track scares me.

but why male models?

That’s not a male model, it’s me!
But yeah, I’ve got loads of pics of male models saved on my computer. Do I wanna take style tips from female models? No… It could be fun but wouldn’t be easy.