Best Bakeries.

There’s a few things I miss from growing up in the country: The fresh air, the utter lack of pretentiousness, horse whispering, kicking things with boots, swearing as much as possible, and other shit like that…

– The other big one I miss is decent bakeries.
You know the ones I’m talking about – complete with a heated cabinet full of dubious variations of pies (tomato, cheese and mushroom? Really?) and then the cabinet with the vanilla slice that’s probably been in there 6 years, but still looks pretty good. The fridge at the back full of iced tea and chocolate milk. Then up behind the counter there’s usually a big boston slice, and standing in front of that is the owners kid, who’s no older than 10, and just helping out, so you’ve got to tell them how much change they should give you back.

I don’t know if it’s the fact that Brumbys , Bakers Delight and now Pie Face have soaked up that market, but there just seems to be a real lack of those kinda bakeries.

So yeah – Tell me where all the good ones are so I can go there and eat their dubious pies.

Country bakery in Creswick.
Pretty good assortment of dubious products last time I was there.
May or may not be a Pie Face now though.

one i frequent for 4 months a year (when going to baseball training on a sunday) is cnr Civic Pde and Millers Rd in Altona.

they don’t bake all their own goods, but after a sausage roll, strawberry bigM and apple cake you don’t care.

If you ever find yourself in Adelaide…

St Peters Bakehouse near me is pretty amazing. It used to be an awful dying suburban bakery. I’d go there with my brothers after we played footy to grab a stale sausage roll which you’d have to rehydrate with a litre of tomato sauce (free back then) and a farmers union iced coffee (now Im completely lactose intolerant).

It was bought by a local sanfl footballer and his wife, the parents of a kid in my class, and they completely turned the place around. The pies are incredible and their vanilla slice has won them a number of medals. Everyone loves it there except the people on seventh avenue because it’s now the bakery’s car park.

The girls that work there are also hella hotties and just wear tights as pants.

St Peters is alright, but the country bakeries win hands down.

I wasn’t look at the girls though, which may have been my problem.

O’Heas Deli in Coburg is awesome. Old skool Italian deli/convenience store/bakery.

Crystal Bakery on Sydney Rd, Coburg is pretty cool; suspect food at rock bottom prices.

It’s too easy to find a good bakery in country SA. Too many to mention. It’s decent bakeries in the city and burbs that are hard to find!

The girls. Remember gin and tights? Better.

Beechworth Bakery FTW… its on the outskirts though


If you ever venture down past Traralgon, stop in at the Rosedale Bakery, it is on the right before you turn left for Sale or right for 90 Mile Beach etc.
Great pies, they sell Nippy’s Honeycomb in 500ml packs and all the cakes I’ve eaten have been great.
There is also a wood carving of Ned Kelly out the front if you want to make such is life jokes.

La Panella. You gotta salute their dear leader though.

One of the things I love about the epics we do around SEQ is that we go through country towns with these exact bakeries. We just did a ride to Toowoomba and stopped at a bakery in Gatton and I had to tell the kid how much change to give me, pretty cute to be honest. They totally won me over though as they had vegan pasties.

The other thing you can count on though is that these bakeries will serve you a coffee that is the temperature of molten lava, and comes in two varieties: black or cuppachino.

in the heart of preston, but with country prices. best.

though they don’t make salad rolls, which kinda sucks.


ps. good thread chutz.


Was there on the weekend!

Call me a snob but the only thing I order are the apple scrolls FTW. Easily digested while riding and the standard is usually pretty good even when in the sticks. A good meat pie at a country bakery is a rare rare thing. Happy to be directed.

Williamsons in Prahran is good. some pretty wacky flavours too.
thai vege curry with cheese sounds so wrong but tastes so right

kensington bakehouse.

you’ll get an amazing salad sandwich for $4, they have pies, really good pastries and the vietnamese women who run it will laugh at you for unknown reasons.

Sargents Cake Shop in Reservoir. Probably the only original shop left in the strip.
When I was a paperboy, I used to swap my leftover Sat papers with the bakers for a box of yesterdays cakes.